Holistic Network Operations  - A Challenging Task 

4G and 5G mobile networks offer a variety of high-speed advanced services. Users have grown accustomed to using their mobile devices like they use their computers. This advancement in technology and user behavior, along with virtualization and the introduction of IoT networks, is shifting mobile networks towards becoming service-oriented networks, with an IT-based architecture.

This poses major challenges for mobile network operators. The more complex the network becomes, the more difficult it is to identify, prioritize and mitigate revenue losses, operational malfunctions and cyber threats in real time. 

Mobile network and security professionals are challenged with day-to-day issues, instead of focusing on introducing new services and generating new revenue streams. 

Cybersecurity Protection & Operation

SOC Optimization and Automation:

Known and 0-Day Protection

GDPR Compliance

Multi-API Diagnostics

Automatic Programming of Prevention Tolls 

Immediate Response

Business Operation

Discover revenue losses due to operational malfunctions and mis-configurations


Free business resources to introduce new services and revenue streams

Network Operations

NOC Optimization and Automation: Discover Soft & Hard Failures in Real Time

Root Cause Analysis

Actionable Insights



AI-Driven API Anomaly Management Platform

imVision’s API Anomaly Management Platform (AMP) is a self-learning anomaly detection and analytics engine, tailored for mobile network business logic, which provides operational and security teams with a proactive network management and prevention solution.

AMP scans network APIs and identifies anomalies from the expected behavior in real time and automatically tracks their root cause to understand which anomalies require attention and which are legitimate deviations from the expected performance. AMP relies on tailored machine learning algorithms and deep network expertise, which together produce a robust anomaly management solution. 

AMP Offers:

  • Real-time Analysis & Alerting

  • Multi-API Correlation

    Fully Automated, Fine Granular API Modeling, Detection & Analytics

  • NLP-based Anomaly Management

  • Immediate Mitigation & Self-Remedy

AMP provides out of the box prevention using automatic programming of prevention tools.

Networks Control API 

In today’s networks, the attack surface is constantly growing due to vulnerabilities introduced by APIs, internal and external, of a variety of new technologies and products. The network is exposed to threats from a high volume of user and IoT devices and possible internal attacks (either human-generated or via infected equipment). Roaming APIs pose another severe threat for data leakage, since network APIs today rely on trust, while the number of roaming partners keeps growing and their authenticity is not supervised

Networks Control API 

As networks continue to provide new services, the complexity of the networks grows and with it the management load and costs. Detecting anomalies in such environments becomes dependent on the ability to identify and manage deviations in fine-granularity.


The migration to virtualization adds an additional layer of APIs.

From a network service assurance and performance perspective, the virtualization layer adds a wide range of uncertainties related to configuration, resource sharing and multi-vendor interoperability. From a security perspective, virtualization, as well as the extensive use of open-source software, further broaden the attack surface with new attack vectors which increase the risk on service availability, control and data linkage in a virtualized environment.         

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IoT is expected to become one of the dominant services in public networks. IoT is characterized by a wide distribution of high volume, cost-sensitive, low power and computing resources entities – qualities which makes it challenging to properly analyze and secure such services.

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