Protect your organization Against API vulnerabilities

Automated Application-Aware Anomaly Detection & Analytics 

Automated Application Level  Cybersecurity Protection 

- Automatic deep learning of any API behavior models using NLP techniques (content, context, business logic)

- Pinpoint, Real-Time Detection  

- Zero configuration, Zero customer involvement

AI based Analytics & Automated Investigation

- Actionable Insights

- Root Cause Analysis

- Group related events

- Reduce false positives

- Reduce Sec Ops Load

- Automate security procedures 

The API is a Language Between Computer Elements

If it can be represented as a language - we can use Natural Language Processing methods to automatically learn and enforce everything from API specific structures to business logic   

We are not API agnostic. We gain in-depth understanding of how APIs you interact with behave and what to expect

imVision Technologies patented technology enables automated deep training of the API language at the content, context and business logic levels - fine granularity behavioral models are created per API, with no human involvement    

This enables us to provide pinpoint detection, extremely low false positive rate and detailed Root Cause Analysis

imVision's Anomaly Management Platform Employs Machine Learning to develop Fine Granularity Behavioral Models per API 



SecDevOps Load Reduction

 Not every anomaly in behavior is a "bad" or illegitimate behavior. imVision's AMP analyzes each detected anomaly and determines if this is a legitimate deviation from the expected behavior or not. Legitimate anomalies are not reported. Illegitimate anomalies are are flagged for investigation

Anomaly Management Center

Our Anomaly Management Center automatically groups related anomalies into "parent" incidents, provides detailed Root Cause Analysis and countermeasures.