The inherent lack of API security and the proprietary nature of  APIs makes them a prime target for the next wave of cyber attacks. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) recently created the 2019 top 10 API Security vulnerabilities. ImVision enables service providers to protect their operations against sophisticated API-targeted data breaches.


API1:2019 Broken Object Level Authorization

APIs tend to expose endpoints that handle object identifiers, creating a wide attack surface Level Access Control issue. Object level authorization checks should be considered in every function that accesses a data source using an input from the user.


OWASP Top 10 Proactive Detection

ImVisions API security detection and prevention in a production environment helps in automatically identifiying and surfacing all APIs within the domain. Security discover provides risk scoring to each end point based on OWASPs 2019 top 10 API security threats.


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OWASP is a 3rd party information source that can be accessed by any consumer. Please visit the below link for more information on OWASP and the source material for the OWASP API Security Project API Security Top 10 2019.