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 By 2022, API abuses will move from an infrequent to the most-frequent attack vector, resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications

 Key API security challenges:

  • Each new API represents an additional and potentially unique attack vector into your systems

  • Discover your APIs before attackers discover them by analyzing mobile and web applications. You cannot secure what you cannot find or categorize


Holistic Control Over Your API Threat Level

Advanced controls and multilayered analytics to manage API attack incidents



  • Automatically Identifies and surfaces all APIs within the domain

  • Provides a risk scoring to each end point​​



  • Auto learns the behavior of API calls to uncover the business logic and process

  • Detects any meaningful anomaly that impacts the business activities



  • Severity driven mapping of meaningful anomalies to harmful API transactions  

  • Automatically blocks the attack before it reaches the company's core assets



  • Auto generate Intent-driven API attack incidents 

  • Early detection - Identify the attempts to attack patterns

  • Human readable attack descriptions 


API Discovery


The system discovers and surfaces all APIs within the domain and provides a Risk Assessment on each end point​​

API Discovery


The system discovers and surfaces all APIs within the domain and provides a Risk Assessment on each end point​​


Web Application Firewall (WAF)



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"Our vision is to make organizations safer by stopping API attacks worldwide through effective AI and machine learning technologies"

About Us

imVision is a market leader in API security solutions. Both public and private APIs are enabling new business models in a variety of industries.


The inherent lack of API security and the proprietary nature of  APIs makes them a prime target for the next wave of cyber attacks. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) recently created the top 10 API Security vulnerabilities. imVision enables service providers to protect their operations against sophisticated API-targeted data breaches.


imVision’s patented technology uses automated learning of the “API Language” to build in-depth, granular behavioral models of data content, context, and business logic. The Anomaly Management Platform (AMP) identifies and reacts to suspicious behavior on APIs, providing a unique advantage in mitigating attacks on APIs.


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