Protect your business

Against API vulnerabilities

AMP is commercially deployed worldwide, analyzing APIs for over 100 millions end users


Digital transformation mean more sensitive data being shared over APIs. Organizations are integrating a growing number of APIs into business operations


All APIs are unique and continuously developed and extended. This makes protecting them from bugs and backdoors very challenging

APIs are designed by software architects, not security experts.

Traditional security solutions are not preventing big breaches. According to Gartner, by 2022 API abuses will be the attack vector most responsible for data breaches within enterprise web applications.

Cybercriminals are exploiting new and subtle API vulnerabilities

Insufficient API security leaves you exposed to:


Safeguard Your Business with imVision

Protect against API vulnerabilities using Automated Anomaly Management

Constructs in-depth, granular API behavioral models, taking into account hierarchical relationships between data​​​

Automatically learns your APIs’ legitimate behaviors without human intervention.

​Self-updates to protect your data throughout the API development cycle


AMP uses AI

AMP uses Artificial Intelligence to identify and react to subtle vulnerabilities, which due to the complexity and volume of data, would be undetected by standard solutions

Enhanced Protection

Recognize new, subtle vulnerabilities that existing application security tools cannot

Real-time protection

Early warning to identify attempts to discover API vulnerabilities

Cross-API analysis

Advanced Forensics

Root cause analysis

Automatic grouping of related events

Risk assessment

Opex Costs Saving

Shorten Time to Resolution

Reduce SecDevOps Load

Shift Professionals' focus to new services


About Us

imVision is a market leader in API security solutions. Both public and private APIs are enabling new business models in a variety of industries.


The inherent lack of API security and their proprietary nature makes them a prime target for the next big wave of cyber attacks. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) added "underprotected APIs" to its list of top 10 application vulnerabilities. imVision enables service providers to protect their operations against API-driven advanced data breaches.


imVision’s patented technology uses automated learning of the “API Language” to build in-depth, granular behavioral models of data content, context and business logic and enforce them in real time. The Anomaly Management Platform (AMP) identifies and reacts to suspicious behavior on APIs, providing a unique advantage in mitigating attacks on APIs.


AMP is commercially deployed worldwide, analyzing APIs for over 100m end users.

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